Friday, May 21, 2010

back to baking.

While living in London I slowly became addicted to food blogs and by the end of my time there I would literally sit in bed at night looking through my favorites just dreaming about what I would bake and cook upon my return home. To my surprise tonight was the first time I baked since coming back to the states and I have been here almost four weeks now.
I made Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies and I got the recipe from my favorite blog Picky Palate. Jenny, who writes the blog is adorable and I absolutely love reading all the fun things she writes about the amazing food she makes!

I have gone two weeks and two days with out touching a single carb, having a drink of soda or an ounce of sugar, until tonight. This morning I got on the scale and saw that the number was ten less that it was three weeks ago. I decided a treat was in order. I got busy around two o'clock when I had planned to make cookies but about seven hours later dough was in the oven and filling the air with sweet chocolaty aroma that made my mouth water. I could only get myself to guzzle down half a cookie, wimp! But it was a delicious half of a cookie!

As my mother would say... YUM-O!


Laura said...

hahahaha food blogs... oh macy i miss you. and those look so good! as do YOU!

Anne Marie Hyer said...

Moo, I will have you know....
As I sit here in INDIA trying desperately to stay awake because it's 4 pm here and 3 am in the U.S....I'm coming up with ways to stay busy and yet not get in danger and roam the streets. Naturally, blogging came to mind. YET, only a select few will come up on my browser. So far it's going to be up to you and mama to keep me entertained. Funny how much you suddenly crave anything 'home' when you are gone. you and mama are my 'fix'. oh and the cookies look loverly my dear :) thanks for the taste of home~and the prayers~

Kristy said...

Anne Marie's comment was sweet and yes, you are a great cook and baker! You cookies looked divine!!!