Wednesday, May 26, 2010

odd weather we're having, eh?

Last year around this time [the supposed beginning of summer] Turlock's thermometers read around 90 degrees. Yesterday London decided it missed me and sent me a little present in the form of precipitation. Around 6:00 p.m. after the rain had let up just a little I found myself in my wellies running around in the rain. I had Abby come out there with me and Mom got the camera.
This picture shows our personalities to a T.
Jumping in the rain... very original.
Pretending I am in the London rain...
Occasionally while walking the streets of London on a sunny day I would get hit with a flash flood so I would always have my target umbrella [R.I.P] or this little Cath Kitson umbrella handy in my purse. It saved me many times and it was fun to bring it out again.
I love the rain!


vocalise said...

Wasn't that the weirdest down pour last night? You remind me of the little girl on the packaging of the SALT product. Salt, right? Am I thinking of another spice?

Kristy said...

Too cute...and such great writing! You are amazing blogging inspiration!