Tuesday, May 18, 2010

don p.

Most people are still in school but as my summer started about three weeks ago I have been trying to fill my time with fun activities. One of these activities is a weekly jaunt out to Lake Don Pedro to have lunch and take the boat for a spin.
We took Abby's friends James and Marco and Ky's dance partner Seth with us.
I have been extremely impressed with my sweet mother lately.
The first time we took the boat out it was just me, mom and dad. Dad backs up the suburb and mom launches the boat when we go. I was very nervous the first time we did this because for some reason I had no faith in mom [maybe cause she can be a little ditzy sometimes?] haha. To my surprise Kristy Falke can drive a boat. She ceases to amaze me.
It's fun to have my big sis home with me this summer.
After quite a long day on the lake spent lounging, swimming, eating and tubing [I was the only one who skipped out on the tubing part and everyone hated me for it] we were ready to go home. Don Pedro is one of my favorite places in the world. For me it's up there with Paris, Rome and London and I'm sure it's because of all the amazing memories I have made there.
Seth, Kylie's ballroom partner and brother of our close family friend Emron, and I became quick friends. He is hilarious and fun to be around!
Never a bad day on the lake!


Anne Marie Hyer said...

Lake Days...A.K.A. partaaaayy

Kristy said...

Fun memories Macy. And nobody hated you for not going on the tube...who would have taken the great photos if you had not been our photographer!