Friday, August 13, 2010

what a rush.

Zip lining!
I'm addicted thanks to Mini.
I had seriously never thought that I would ever try zip lining. I have seen brochure after brochure and heard all about it but I have never had any desire to try. Jenna was dieing to go this year as she was to young last year when the Gauthiers were in Kaua'i. So being the great "Big Me" I am, haha, I told her I would go with her and the others.
We arrived at Just Live's site around 8:30 in the morning and got suited up in harnesses and helmets. Not the cutest hair accessory but necessary none the less. After a quick schpeel about safety and how to's, we were off!

I looked down... not the best thing to do when your 85 feet up in the air standing on a platform attached to a tree blowing in the wind.

Finally loosing that nervous look in my face.My little dare devil! Mini and her Big!
Just a little freaked walking across the bridges.
Going up to the Penthouse. All the platforms have names.
This was our first zip line. I thought I was going to puke after climbing the ladder up to it.
Me and my seeeesters Ky and Ab.

Our Whole Group!
Left to Right:
Logan, Brad, Abby, Kylie, John, Jenna, Fernando, Ben, Coco, Me, Jessica!
After completing our 7 zip lines and 4 bridges we all decided to do the free fall swing. Scariest thing even but best feeling in the world. I loved it even though I screamed the whole time.

By far my favorite activity I've ever done on the islands.


Marilyn said...

CRAZY WOMAN! But it looks like you had a great time in Hawaii. Happy Birthday.

Marilyn said...

CRAZY WOMAN! Your trip looked like a blast, Happy Birthday!

Marilyn said...

CRAZY WOMAN! Your trip looked like a blast, Happy Birthday!

Anne Marie Hyer said...

We have the dorkiest photo of our whole family zip lining with those helmets on. Oh man we are one good looking fam right there.'s worth it when your freakin high up there and you look down. Yes, scary but so fun. Way to be brave babe

Kristy said...

Oh my the ziplining and swing looked so fun...I was truly bummed that my ribs prevented me from joining in...but, I was so glad that you guys did it!!! Glad that I could play photographer!