Tuesday, August 10, 2010

stanislaus county fair.

This summer fair was a week earlier than it always is so I was only home for three days of it. Erin and I went to see Blake Shelton and eat fair food. The corn dogs at the fair are crispy, flaky, mouth watering goodness. I can not go a summer without one. Luckily I got two and downed both in about 5 minutes, and these things are about a foot and a half long. :) So you can tell just how much I love them.
Blake Shelton was awesome minus the fat chicks dancing on the bench in front of us in mini shirts. That made me a little sick after stuffing my face with corn dogs and a milk barn strawberry milkshake.
I live for the food at the county fair!

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Kristy said...

Well, I have to say that after you introduced me to the Milk Barn's chocolate milkshakes, I have to have one of those now at the fair...bless your heart dear daughter!!!