Monday, August 9, 2010


Most of this summer I have thought my life is absolutely fabulous. I have done so many fun things and been around so many amazing people. Today is not ones of those days. I have literally sat in my bed alone all day.
Ate lunch here,
sat on facebook for who knows how long here,
I watched a movie here
and I even worked out here, in my bed
[oh yeah it's possible].
I don't know if I am the laziest person in the world,
if I just need my own space for a little while
or if I realize that in less than a month I wont be able to enjoy such a large bed.
Whatever the case is today my life kind of sucked.
I tortured myself by looking at pictures from London. This lead me to thinking about how alone I am here which then lead my to tears. After two minutes of crying I realized how pathetic I was being and bucked up a little.
What always makes me feel better is being productive. Hence my blogging today. It has been at the top of my to do list pretty much all summer and I have been terrible at keeping up with my own life.
So on this extremely boring day I will catch up with me!
On to the next post...

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Kristy said... definately turned your day around and were oh so productive with blogging...way to get caught up Macy! The next time you are lonely just come and tell me you need a hug! I knew you were missing London that day, but I didn't realize you were feeling lonely and sad.