Thursday, August 12, 2010

off roading in a mini van.

Monday we vegged, played by the pool, BBQ'd and watched shark week.
Tuesday we headed over to the north shore to one of my favorite beaches right next to where the Napali Coast starts. Our family had stayed in Princeville on the north shore a few years ago and we had gone here but it was short lived because mom got stung by a jellyfish.
The road out to this private beach is off the paved road and through sugar cane fields. My dad drove his rental suburban and John had a rental jeep so they were just fine of this "off roading road". Jill, whom I was with, had a van to drive, this made for the most hilarious experience of my life. I wish I had a picture of us! Jared sat on my lap the whole time and LOVED it! Best part was when Mini [Jenna] said to her mom something along the lines of "watch it, you're driving terrible." She didn't realize that it was just the road and Jill was doing an amazing job for our circumstances.
Props to Jill too for making that half hour drive on a bumpy dirt road look simple in a mini van, both ways!
Once we were there the kids ran out into the water and Mini and I started our shell search. We found millions of beautiful tiny shells and had to much fun walking along the shore line together.
Mini me and Big me.
We got in the water for a little bit and then decided to take a walk to the mountain. It ended up being quite the journey because we didn't think the end of the shore was that far away. On the way back the wind started to pick up and sand was pounding into the backs of our legs. After about ten minutes of heavy wind everyone was ready to head home.
Fun day at a beach all to ourselves!


Kristy said...

Good times and great and Jenna look for shells just like me...bent over with straight cute!

Anne Marie Hyer said...

Mac I just love all your posts. So fun. Keep it up

Anne Marie Hyer said...

Mac I just love all your posts. So fun. Keep it up. and the HAT I seriously love it.