Tuesday, August 10, 2010

35 and counting.

I ate whatever I wanted in London, yes I fussed about gaining weight but who didn't.
Then I came home and lost it... and then some.
I hate to brag on myself [dad would say I love to brag]
but I am looking pretty dang good these days.
That is at least compared to about three and a half months ago.
Both of these pictures I have posted somewhere on this blog,
but when they are next to each other they look a little different...
I know, that "before" shot on the left is EMBARASSINGGGGG.
But that's not me anymore, thankfully!
I feel great and I worked hard to do so!
Want to know my slim down secret?
Stop eating more than your body needs and fruit is just as sweet as ANY dessert.


Kristy said...

I am so proud of you Macy! You look amazing! You go girl!

Brit. said...

veryyy proud!!! I misss youuuu

SB said...

oh my goodness! Macy you look awwweesome!!! I'm glad I found your blog it's so cute.