Monday, August 9, 2010

back to school... minus the school part.

In the beginning of July I started to get a little "home"sick for my second home in Idaho and all the amazing people that are there so I packed up a few things, hopped in the acura and made the 14 hour trek to Rexburg, ID.
A five day trip turned into some of the most fun two weeks of my life. Although finals were going on and graduation was on a few peoples minds we never stopped partying. My two week vacation at school consisted of
tanning at the sandbar
huge bonfires
dancing in the rain
clubbing[rexburg style]
Saturday sand dune slip n' slide parties
BBQ's with the crew
best of concert
late night Maverick runs
4a.m. adventures with Court
cliff jumping
Jackson Hole
meeting new friends
laughing two weeks nonstop
spending time with my best friends!
Fab Four aka The Queens of Rexburg.
Courtney. Gina June. Macy. Allison.

The Crew. love every one of them.

KSH is my love.


Carson. We go way back. hahahaha.
Volleyball tournament champs!
Dunes Slip n' Slide. SO MUCH FUN!!
Me and Court aka Nannerpuss aka Miss Moogoo.
You will never meet a more funny person than this girl.
We went to the sandbar seven times while I was visiting.
The sandbar is a tiny spot on the snake river that has about four feet of sand, a slide and a swing set. Very oakey but perfect for laying out.
It's also conveniently located down the street from Big J's where the greatest milkshakes in the world are made. We most definitely got one every time we went.
Sandbar crew.
Shayne, Hill, Dallas, Court, Kellie, Jackson, Grand, Hayden, Gina, Andy, Erik, Allison and Me.
Jefferson and Me.
Allison, Chris, Court, Justin, Me and Chayce at the sandbar in St. Anthony
Allison and Me
I love Mere Meres and I love that she goes to school with me!
I would die without this girl.
Lindsey, Anissa, Mere, Alyssa, Gina, Court, Me, Katy and Tiffany at the "best of" show.
30 ft. bonfire at the "crack" got rained out... lovely huh?
Sunday BBQ's and football games at Porter park.
Best part of the trip was getting to spend every second with my best friend Allison.
I'm going to miss this girl next Fall.

until september...

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