Thursday, August 12, 2010

a new teenager.

Tuesday was also Jessica's 13th Birthday.
After we got home we cleaned up and drove to Lihue to eat dinner at Dukes. The food was delicious and so was our waiter. Jessica had steak and shrimp and I had rubs, yum!
All the kids sat at one end of the table and we laughed the entire night.
Here's one of the reasons why...
[Don't mind my stupid laugh/squeal at the end]
I was determined to get a smiling picture of these two!
Logan and Jacob.
Mini and Ab always provide us with something to keep us laughing.
We walked for a little while after dinner and found some funny statues to pose on.
Jocelyn Me and Jessica on the camel.
I think mine and Jess's birthdays were perfect on the island.

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Kristy said...

Great post Macy...looks like you guys had way too much fun at your end of the long table! Such cute photos and funny video of Jenna...she is a character and always entertaining...reminds me of someone I know...hum!