Thursday, January 14, 2010

tube tube tube.

I feel like I have no much to write and it has only been two days since I have last written. I have been keeping a journal and a blog and it’s getting too hard to do both so for the sake of my parents and probably one other person reading this I am going to just stick to the blog for now on. I literally NEVER want to leave where I am and who I am with. I am in LOVE with everything about it! The people, the sights, the shows, the food (especially random little pups)! I could not be more content to stay in the city my entire life.
Yesterday I was a zombie, my reasoning was the snow. I had breakfast, went back to sleep for a bit and then went on the most beautiful run I have ever been on in my life. Snow in Hyde Park is so much better than snow in Rexburg… sorry but I think anyone would agree with me. I was so excited with I stumbled upon the peter pan statue that I have seen in the movie. I felt awkward running because I had a smile plastered (or frozen) on my face the whole time and people would look at me funny but I didn’t care! After my run I came back to my flat and took a shower then proceeded to jump back in bed for a four hour nap… what am I thinking? It was well needed though. I woke up in time to prepare a devotional and head down to dinner. After dinner we decided we would try and see if Ben’s Cookies (which I hear are fantastic) was open but of course with our luck it was closed five minutes before we arrived! We then went home to work on homework and read. I have so so so much reading to do for all of my classes! This morning I, as I always do, ate breakfast and then had Dr. Macfarlane’s class. Then it was religion, and now I have a break because I switched from Poli. Sci. 170 to Shakespeare mainly because I love Dr. Howe (Susan… she wants’ us to call her that so she feels young!) Then I had Eng. 300 and a little break before my last class. We went to a little pub called the Phoenix for lunch and I had the New York chicken (I never saw chicken like that when I was in NY). After lunch Emma, Caitlin and I went to H&M… story: we have an awful washer and dryer that decided it was hungry and took a few bites out of my favorite shirts! Hence the shopping… sorry daddy I had to but don’t worry everything was on sale! We came back at 3:30 p.m. just in time for our London Walks class which is every Thursday. Then it was dinner and off to whatever adventure we could find which happened to be going to a free concert at this adorable pup called the Elgin. What we didn’t anticipate was getting lost for an hour but we made it in time to hear a beautiful British boy serenade us. I think this is going to be my new favorite place on Thursdays, GREAT eye candy! But this was not the end of our night… oh no! HA! Getting back was an adventure all in its own. Personally I feel a little sheltered for this but, yes I saw my first transvestite; the tube has such treasures on it. For once I was happy to not be with my mother because I knew she would have not stopped staring because I found my eyes always wandering back to the same “it”! It was the funniest thing I have ever had the privilege of sitting awkwardly through. Never a dull moment. Cheers!

Quotes from today:
Cameron- “I don’t know about you but I have a ghetto booty!”
Dr. Howe- “Call me Susan! It makes me feel young!”

Note to self... Start taking more and more pictures.


Kristy said...

Your first encounter with a adorable. My little girl is growing up! Love you. Dad

Kristy said...

I loved reading your posts Macy and hearing about your adventures. The tube seems to hold the most interesting ones! Yikes! I love that you are running and enjoying Hyde Park. It sounds lovely. It am so grateful that you are enjoying every minute of your time there. It will fly by...stay up with your reading so that you won't have that hanging over your head. "Susan" sounds fun and I am sure that she makes Shakespeare enjoyable and understandable. I love you my London girl!