Monday, January 11, 2010

mind the gap.

I still cannot believe that I am in London… I am actually here. It is so unreal and I love it.
This is my adorable flat!
We went to the London Museum today… it was the most boring thing I have ever been to, no joke and I usually enjoy history. It was hilarious to me though that because of the renovations going on in the building that London’s history ends in the 1500’s.
After the boring hour at the museum I have my real taste of British food… FISH & CHIPS! It was the most fantastic fish and chips I have ever had the pleasure of tasting; they sure know their stuff here in London.
Then we walked over to St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is overwhelming and I enjoyed every minute of it, even the quiz we took about it… and that’s saying a lot. I cannot believe how amazingly large it is, and how old it is, and how detailed it is! I think the crypt was my favorite part. It is interesting to me how many people are buried there and all the things that represent them. Some have tombs, some plaques, some statues or busts.
After leaving St. Paul’s, Audrey, Jenny, Emma and I had tea and pastries at PAUL! My mom loves this place. It was fantastic and delicious!
We then came back to our flat and get ready for dinner, ate and they had a group meeting on “rules”. I completely fell asleep… woops! After I sat on my butt with my friend Jake and looked at fail blog and other things for way too long, but it was nice to relax and pretty much do nothing. Me, Jenny and Audrey then went to McDonalds for the best mcflurry I have ever had, walked around and then came home. I am tired so I am going to go to sleep but I will write more tomorrow! Cheerio!

Quotes from today:
“a lass… we have binocs!”
“I feel awkward standing around a bunch of dead people.”
“oh my gosh… something blew up in here!”


KandyJill said...

Dude - so jealous your in London! Your flat is SO cute! You'll have to hit up the Top Shop! I went to London my senior year for a dance trip and I swear we spent hours in there. We went to Oxford Circus and did tons of shopping, and the Top Shop is HUGE there! Anyway, so jealous of you once again! And have SO much fun! Can't wait to stalk you! ;)

PS - what are you there for anyway? Just for vacay? Or are you living there all semester!?!

Barry and Jeanni said...

I can't believe you are in London!!! What a great experience this will be, take lots and lots of pictures!

LizzyP said...

I hope you realize I'm taking notes on every little thing one must do on a London visit. Someday I'll visit London and I'm filing away all your suggestion. "Do not visit boring museum". Do visit St. Paul's and pastry shop with same name."

Yay for you! You're in Europe!

Kristy said...

Fish and chips...different there huh. Quite a taste sensation. Any fish and chips are good if the Tarter Sauce is good. Actually, Tarter Sauce = Fish + Chips. There's some upper level math for you. Ta! Dad

Kristy said...

Oh la la! Paul!!! You are right Macy...I love that place. It brings back great memories, but actually I didn't discover it until France. I wish that I had discovered it in London. We weren't able to see St. Paul's...sad face. I am so glad that you were able to see it. We did see Westminster Abbey and there were SO MANY people buried there as well. It is like a cemetary and church in one. I'm sure you will go there too. Way to get a McFlurry...did you think of me? Love you my Londoner!

Anne Marie Hyer said...

So um...pretty much I'm loving every word you write because it is so You. I love that you fell asleep during the boring mtg, met my boyfriend Paul, brought along your purple purse, ate fish of the sea on a plater the size of said purple purse...and just soaked up everything. Love that I'm living this through you~
Keep writing luv

Kristy said...

That Big Purple Purse might as well have a target on the side of it. Some not so cheery ol' Bloke could spot it a mile away and make it his. Be careful my love. Dad

Katy Rea said...

It looks like your having so much fun!!! You look so cute too!
Ahh! I'm jealous!

hillary work said...

mac!! it looks like your having a great time girl! your flat is adorable, i wish i could come visit you