Thursday, January 21, 2010

the countryside where i wish to reside.

Dear future husband,
Just so you know I will only marry you if we eventually move to the English countryside. I want a quaint little house with an adorable garden and chimney that billows smoke in the winter months. These are my requirements upon accepting your proposal!
Your future wife!

Today we spent the day driving around in the “coach”, not bus, to three of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I am in love with England! Sorry California, you may have everything bigger but everything is older here and in my opinion a little better. Well everything but the weather!
This morning I woke up at 6:30 ate breakfast and was off by 7:30! Our first stop was Stonehenge. I was thinking it would be this massive sight on the edge of some cliffs overlooking water but to my surprise it’s in the middle of a field and not that big. But it is extremely old! My bishop warned me of this, he said it was something I’ll look at and say, “I could have done that.” None the less, it was a beautiful sight and I was amazed to be in a place where I have seen so many pictures and read about in textbooks.
Stonehenge! Me and Jake.Next stop was Salisbury Cathedral. We walked through some gorgeous houses and then BOOM it was right in front of us. I love seeing all the cathedrals, abbeys, and churches here. We got to see one of the last four copies of the Magna Carta and various tombs in the cathedral. Our tour guide was lovely as well.
Us girls at Salisbury.
Then was my favorite stop, Bath! I love it there, everything about it. We first drove by the royal crescent where many notable people have lived over the years. Then got off the coach and walked around the Roman Baths, got some amazing Fudge and went to see the upper assembly rooms that Jane Austen spent time and wrote about is her book Northanger Abbey.
The girls and our role model... SUSAN!
Me at the Roman Baths!
Tomorrow is classes and then Friday is Westminster Abbey! Cheers!


Kristy said...

Oh Macy, I am so excited for all that you are doing and seeing and experiencing! It sounds like you are taking it all in and loving every moment of your time in England! Awww...Bath...I have so wanted to go there and drive on the royal cresent and feel as if I stepped back in Jane Austen's time. You are a lucky girl my middle daughter! I am so grateful that you are loving and cherishing your time there. I loved your entry to your future are precious, as Nanny would say!

Kristy said...

I somehow missed the fact that you have a talent for writing. Very entertaining. I love keeping up with your travels and learnings and experiences via your blog. Love you my dear. Dad

vocalise said...

I love that photo at Salisbury and the one at Bath! Very artistic looking. I know how you feel to see things you've read and heard about for forever. Sometimes it is just surreal.

Marilyn said...

Macy, I knew we were kidred spirits, I feel the same way about England which is why we moved to New England, many similarities. I went to Bath last May with Rufus and Juliet and loved it. We saw the Royal Cresent too and went to the fashion museum. We tried to get to the Jane Austin museum but it had already closed. I was in London for 8 days and we went somewhere exciting each day. It was my third trip and I just can't get enough of it. I would love to go on a mission there but since it is the most expensive mission, DARN, probably won't! I am so glad you are having this wonderful experience, I can't wait to see all the places you go