Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i eat and i eat.

I still have a few days to fill you in on and there is so much to tell so bare with me.
Sunday was the second week Emma, Maddie and I went to our new ward. We, again, got lost on the way there and were half an hour late... oops! I got my calling this week… [drum roll]… I am a new YSA Sunday school class teacher. I am quite nervous for this one because there are about four YSA’s in the ward and they have never had this class before. It took us about an hour to get home and just like we have been the last two weeks, were the first home from church around two. I instantly fell asleep for my beloved Sunday nap the second my head hit the pillow. Four hours later I woke up for a delicious dinner of turkey and mash. YUM! Teri is quite the cook. After dinner was homework and bed.

Monday was "sit at home and chill out for once" day. I went and ate waffles with Caitlin after dinner. I had a mouth watering chocolate dipped waffle with a scoop of fresh strawberry ice cream on top. It was just about the greatest thing I have tasted here. Caitlin is obsessed with the Waffle House; I would be too if my butt were not affected by everything I put in my mouth.
Tuesday was mellow as well. I had class, went for a run and then took a shower. I then proceeded to fall asleep in my towel out of the shower and most likely gave some of the roommates a peep show. I then got ready for the night at my leisure, which I love to do. After we ate mexican food for dinner Emma, Audrey, Caitlin, Jenny and I went to go get Ben’s Cookies (mom- you would LOVE this place) and see a play called The Lady in Black or as I like to say the black lady. This was our third and final attempt to see this play and it was good! I hate not knowing what is going to happen and it was pretty jumpy. The plot is about an old man trying to tell this experience he had as a young man to his family. His acting coach helps him and they tell us the tale about a creepy lady haunting a house he has to visit and then appearing back in his life and killing his son and wife (very depressing ending). Audrey screamed and jumped at almost everything remotely jumpy, and I was next to her so naturally I also jumped.
After the play we came home and went to sleep for our big day tomorrow. That's it for now! Cheers!

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