Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a foggy day in LONDONtown.

I was a stranger in the city
Out of town were the people I knew
I had that feeling of self-pity
What to do? What to do? What to do?
The outlook was decidedly blue
But as I walked through the foggy streets alone
It turned out to be the luckiest day I've known

A foggy day in London Town
Had me low and had me down
I viewed the morning with alarm
The British Museum had lost its charm
How long, I wondered, could this thing last?
But the age of miracles hadn't passed,
For, suddenly, I saw you there
And through foggy London Town
The sun was shining everywhere.

Michael Buble had it right when he sang these words. I listen to this song daily and think of how blessed I am to be in such a wonderful place!

Saturday like all Saturdays I slept in because I swear I get no sleep throughout the week. After showering and getting ready we set out for Camden market. The tube stop that is right in the market was closed so we had to get off two stops away in the sketchiest place I have been yet. But after a short walk we were to my new favorite place in London. It’s like Venice Beach mixed with a New York flea market but amazing! I am in love with everything there. Saturdays we are not fed meals… we joke and sing “it’s a hard knock life” and pretend we are on Annie on these days. But Saturdays are when we get to go out to dinner!! We chose Wagamamas to eat at this weekend and it was quite good. Its Asian cuisine and I had chicken and noodles in a vegetable broth. It was flavorful and spicy because of chili oil I put in it. After dinner we came home and just hung out and had a pretty calm night. I live for those nights!


vocalise said...

Very fun checking in to see your great photos and fun updates!

Kristy said...

Sounds like your Saturdays are full of adventures as you explore London! Glad that the sketchy place didn't last long...I would hate for you to be in an unsafe place. Glad you are always with others...it does a mother's heart good. Mom

Anne Marie Hyer said...

I love putting songs to my life. Props. Wagamamas??? Please, can we just say that a few more times and maybe I'll be able to stop laughing haha. Sounds like bliss

Kristy said...

Macy living for calm nights...now that's something new. Still sounds like you are having an awesome time in Londontown. Keep it up my dear. Love the updates but Love you more! Dad