Monday, January 25, 2010

catching up.

I am in big trouble… I know just two entries ago I said that I would not miss another day and of course it got to the weekend and I got busy and here I am almost a week later with no entries for this week… so I am going to do a few now to make up for my lack of entertainment for my parents.

Friday we woke up early to rain, rain and more rain. But despite the rain we were off to see Westminster Abbey! It was absolutely overwhelming, dark but beautiful, and full of dead people. We saw tombs of so many nobles, kings and queens. We also saw the coronation chair where all of the kings and queens have sat in to be crowned, it looked like the kings and queens had all carved their initials into the chair, a kind of medieval graffiti. We walked through the transept where writers and poets are buried and I did a little tap dance on Charles Dickens face.
As we were walking out of the Abbey we saw a whole bunch of young boys going from class to class right next to the church. I just thought to myself how sweet it would be to go to school next to such an amazing building that we read about in our textbooks. Those boys are sure lucky. After leaving we walked down past Parliament and Big Ben to Trafalgar Square where we sat in the rain for about a half an hour listening to a brief history about Napoleon and we all went out separate ways for lunch and site seeing. For lunch we went to Borough Market and I ate an ostrich burger with cranberry sauce and German mustard on an amazing roll! It was so good! I also bought the best hummus, mushroom pâté, pitas, Turkish delight, and heavenly chocolate covered cinnamon dusted hazelnuts that literally make me melt! Friday night was mellow; we stayed in and watched Young Victoria, which was so adorable! I can not describe how much fun I am having and what amazing relationships I am creating! I have the greatest friends in the world here and I couldn't imagine this trip with out each and ever one of them! Love you girls!
The 5 of us!

this is where i belong.


Kristy said...

Thanks for the "entertainment". Sounds like your had a "Dickens" of a time dancing in Westminster Abbey. Did you see the small "BKF" in the coronation chair...Mom dared me and I did it! Love you! Dad

Katy Rea said...

Ah Macy! i am so jealous it looks so amazing!!!
Miss you!

Kristy said...

Okay Macy, so Dad didn't really carve his initials in the coronation chair, but I am sure you already know that. It sure is neat to have been where you are is fun for us to hear how you describe the places, sights, sounds, feelings, etc. Thanks for writing this for us. We love you.

Marilyn said...

Fabulous picture, I am jealous.