Sunday, January 17, 2010

first and last time i am getting behind on this.

Yes, it is already Tuesday… and yes, I know I haven’t written since Thursday. This will be the last time that happens. This weekend was the craziest time here so far. Friday consisted of diamonds, lots of food and massive ravens. Saturday was sleeping in, sushi and Harrods!
Sunday was getting lost, hungry and quaint. Monday was classes, classes and the globe. Today was classes, classes and the British museum!

So… Friday! I woke up for breakfast and get ready to go and see the Tower of London. We left separately from the group and didn’t know exactly where we were going but found it pretty easily. We had to wait for our tickets and took pictures in the mean time. We then went inside and headed straight for the crown jewels… the Brits sure love their diamonds. I have never seen so many carats in my life. 535 to be exact and just a thin sheet of glass keeping it from me… luckily I am not a greedy person like the British who have in their history looted many places, but I say more power to them!
Our adorable group in front of the Tower of London!
Jake and I by the Tower Bridge.
Darling Darling Caitlin and I doing the pose.
Susan! Henry thought a lot of himself!
This one is for you daddy. The Ravens were HUGE!
The whole time we were at the Tower there was a certain someone I was looking for, right at we were leaving I found her! My parent’s favorite beefeater! I don’t exactly get the name of them but I would guess none of them are vegetarians.

After leaving that great plot of historical marvel we walked across the very cold and windy London Bridge to a slice of heaven I like to call the Borough Market. It’s like a farmers market mixed with Costco that you would find in Beverly Hills. Amazing!! I got a sandwich that consisted of lots of bread a thin slice of cured ham… and being a fat American it did not fill me to the brim. So naturally I opted for the ostrich burger next (dad, you would have loved it) with cranberry sauce and lettuce smothered all over it, proceeded by many, many bites of all kinds of treats. I got some heavenly chocolate covered cinnamon dusted hazelnuts and a divine cup of hot pear-apple cider. Can you tell just how passionate I am about my food, I take after my father! Needless to say we will be going back to that glorious place many times.
After traveling on the tube home I took a shower and got ready for a night out on the town. Me and the girls had gotten tickets to see Chicago and it was wonderful besides the chubby chorus guy in a fishnet top with his gut dancing over the top of his pants to a different tune than he was! We ended our night by walking by a club full of boys… wondering why there were no women there we soon realized that sadly it was a gay bar. The men kissing in front kind of gave it away!
Ready to see Chicago! Since we had such a late night, I slept in on Saturday. Probably more that I should have but I am pretty sure I am still trying to make up for jet lag or at least that is my excuse until it wears out. Once all of us girls were up we went to Primark, Harrods and Sushi for dinner. The place we ate was amazing, the food way great and I had some delicious chicken. I cannot say so much for the service. Audrey, Caitlin and I had a little baby of a waiter who gave us a calculator to split our own check. I understand that being a waiter in the UK is much different than in the US but it does not give them the right to not do anything.
It was my first Sunday in my new ward, which happens to be the Catford ward. It took Emma, Maddy and I two hours my underground, train, bus and walking to get there. It is in the quaint suburb of Blackheath and the majority of my ward is African. I feel awful because I know everyone here is speaking English… but it is so different from “American” English that I find myself unable to understand most of the people. My bishop in my new ward is extremely caring and helpful; he is also 6’6” and twenty-seven years old! Haha! One thing I know is that the church is true wherever you go, sure they might do things a little different here but it is still true!
Monday came too soon as it always does and I sadly slept through breakfast which set off my whole day! I had Shakespeare today and after class we went on a little field trip over to the Globe Theater. I have the funniest tour guide who had many insights to Shakespeare and the globe. We walked across the Millennial Bridge which is in the sixth Harry Potter movie. It is a sweet bridge! Dinner was the most amazing chicken enchiladas I have ever had, sorry mom you have been out done. Then we went to see a flick in the theater. We saw Nine and it was good but a little weird, I hadn’t read anything about it or seen any previews so I didn’t know what to expect. I was exhausted after the movie and I proceeded to fall asleep in my clothes at 8:00. I think that is a record time of falling asleep for me since I was six!

Today has been a very long day. I woke up at 5:30, this never happens. I think it was because I 1 fell asleep so dang early and 2 I was paranoid about missing breakfast again because I woke up with food on my mind. More class and then we were off to the British museum, or as Dr. Macfarlane would say the “museum of loot”. When we first got on the tube to get there we were delayed because of goodness knows what and had to get off and take a bus. I have no idea why we haven’t taken the busses before because you can see everything. I love those double deckers! There are so many things at the British Museum that I have looked at in textbooks for countless history classes, I was overwhelmed! We came back just in time for dinner which was hamburgers. Helloooooo home! Or at least that’s what it reminded me of. After dinner I came upstairs wrote a paper, opened the book I am reading for Shakespeare and instantly was put to sleep by the calming words of that great playwright. I swear I am a zombie! Tomorrow is Stonehenge and Bath! Should be a wonderful day if the weather permits it!

"study abroad my aaaaaa, this is fat camp"
"Macy enjoys a good ram every once in a while."
"maybe those cookies do really work"
"I am a sick person."


Kristy said...

My o my my are a very good writer. Very descriptive. I can easily picture what you are seeing...of course, it helps that I was there several months ago. I thoroughly enjoyed every word. Keep it up dearie..I love it! I'm going to go back and read it again. Love you. Dad

Kristy said...

It is so wonderful to hear about all that you are doing, eating, seeing, studying, reading, watching, etc. Fun, fun, fun Macy! I am so happy that you are taking it all in and not missing a thing. I love you sweetie!