Monday, February 1, 2010


This weekend had been a memorable one. I’ll start with Sunday and work my way back.
Sunday= A day of rest and peace… not so this week. It’s seven forty five the phone rings up in our little flat, quite the abnormality for a Sunday morning. Maddie, an adorable little thing that goes to church in the Catford ward with me answers it, says a few yes’s and hangs up. I as well as Emma, another wonderful girl that goes to the same ward as us anxiously wait to see what whoever was on the phone had to say. An hour before church starts we are assigned to give talks, serious topics and all. I am assigned faith, Emma gets hope and Maddie is left with charity. This is not the greatest way to wake up. I am not going to lie, I was peeved. I have attended my ward at BYUI for about a year and a half and I have yet to be called upon to give a talk and here I am three weeks into the program getting a telephone call to give a talk the morning of. Wonderful! So we each wrote up a few notes as quickly as we could, got ready and headed out for the hour and a half journey to church. [Reminder: Never complain about getting to church again.] I was extremely surprised on how smoothly my talk went. I have never been more comfortable to speak in front of so many people in my life. There is a wonderful spirit that my ward here has. After church we came home and went straight for the kitchen and proceeded to feast on leftover Brazilian lasagna from Friday and nutella on bread. As I often do after church, I walked upstairs and plopped right into bed to take an afternoon nap… which eventually went into the evening. We had dinner and then were given an interesting devotional by a man in my ward named George Chittock. He is the cutest old man I have ever seen. I will have to take a picture with him one Sunday coming up. He has been the bishop four times and stake president once. His devotional was on World War II and I enjoyed it very much. Then it was off to do homework and sleep.

Saturday was one of the craziest days I have had so far. We went to a part of London called Southall, which is an Indian/Pakistan borough. We spent a few hours in a gurdwara, which is a Sikh temple. We sat in the temple and then went down to the langar and ate a free mean that they provide for anyone who comes to the temple and wants it.

After leaving a few of us went to a Hindu Temple, to another Sikh gurdwara, walked around the town and got mindi henna tattoos. We then met at a Pakistan restaurant and ate some very spicy authentic food. Personally I was surprised at how much I actually liked it… noted that I did not like it so much the next morning.
Our dinner at the Pakistan place. Friday was wonderful because we had nothing planned. I woke up at 8:30 and went down to breakfast and then fell back asleep. I was then woken up by Audrey telling me to wake Emma and Caitlin up to go actually do something and not sit around our flat and sleep. So we all got ready and headed out for the day. We walked through Portobello Market until it started pouring so we did what we always do when we want to get out of the rain… we ate. There is a famous cupcake place in the market called Hummingbird Bakery and got cupcakes! It was fantastic, I had a carrot cake one with vanilla frosting, the only thing I didn’t like was that it was full of walnuts. Something that I love here is that they ask you if your food is “take away” or “eat in”. The first few times I was asked this I have no idea what the person was asking.
I need this couch!
For Lunch we ate at a café called Giraffe. I had a salad with feta cheese. The cheese here is so good! I love it here. We have so much fun even when we just sit around in our flat. This is going to be a four month, nonstop party.


Marilyn said...

I think you get charged more if you eat in, that is why they asked. Very interesting trips!

Kristy said...

Another fun update from Macy. Sounds like the fun continues. Adding to Marilyn's comment above, yes they do charge you more for "eat in", it's the same in the states too...Tax is added to your order if you eat it in the restaurant in the US. Tootles! Dad

Kristy said...

Fun foodie entry! I love your top picture and did you do that? What a creative one you are my dear. I love reading about all you are doing. I am so glad that you "last minute" talk went well and that you can feel the Spirit in your ward. Love you my dear middle daughter!

Kylie said...

Macy, just caught up on like your last 3 blog posts...hadn't read in awhile, sorry! It was so fun to read! Hey guess what?? I gave a talk in my ward this sunday too!! Crazy! Mine was on agency, but luckily I had a bit more time than you to prepare! hehe! I love you soooo much, sounds like you're having the time of your life as always there in London! I love you!

.kaitlyn.ray. said...

hey jack willis, i know you!!! OMG I MISS THAT PLACE SO MUCH. what floor is your room on palace court on?