Saturday, February 6, 2010

dance dance dance.

Thursday was extremely casual. I had class and then took a short walk down Kensington Palace Gardens Road that has some beautiful houses and a few embassies on it to Wagamamas, which is a wonderful an amazing Thai restaurant. I went with my friends Caitlin and Emma and our favorite professor Dr. Howe who we call Susan! She is the most amazing teacher I have ever had and I absolutely love her! I had chicken katsu curry that was gooey and so yummy. We then walked back home and I started on some homework that I had needed to do. That night my friend Jenny (we call her jerry for laughs) and I went to Poundland and got english candy to send to our families. When we got home I watched the sixth Harry Potter on my lap top by myself cause I needed some alone time.

Friday was a day out exploring with our group. We went to the Banqueting house where Charles II was beheaded and where they have hosted royal parties for hundreds of years.
We then Went to lunch at a cute little Italian restaurant and had some pizza. Next was the British museum for the second time. We looked at some of the same stuff because Caitlin had to see it for her class but we also saw a lot of new stuff. My favorite was the (drum roll) money room… surprised? Hahahaha. I loved it! They had these huge stones that ancient Indians used as money hundreds of years ago and even a few credit cards to show our day.
Me outside of the British Museum

Friday night was the best! I had been waiting for this night for about two weeks. We had a stake singles dance to attend. It was so much fun! We all danced around with our group and the people from the singles ward. I must say when we first got there I was a little disappointed but about half an hour in it started to get much better.


Kristy said...

Hot chicks in that "before the dance" photo, but man Macy Moo, that room is a mess!!! Glad you had so much fun at the much anticipated dance. You look adorable in the video...good waltzing by Macy.

caitlin said...

Freaking hair. We're good dancers.

Ashley said...

haha mace youre so funny in that video! idk why but it made me laugh and miss you!!!