Thursday, February 18, 2010

be my valentine.

I know it’s late but Happy Valentine’s Day!!
We all got back to the center Saturday night around midnight and weren’t really prepared for church the next day. But being the righteous latter day saints we are, Emma Maddie and I woke up at seven and headed for ward conference. Boy was it an interesting meeting. The gospel is the same, and still true but the way things are ran here in the church are very different. In our sacrament meeting the Stake President asked one of the newly baptized members to say her testimony… She proceeded to get up and tell us how she was not sure when she first learned about the church if she should come or not. She then told us about how the first time she attended a meeting she saw Jesus and his Angels above the pulpit. Needless to say is was an interesting meeting indeed. Going to church here makes me so thankful for the Church at home. In Turlock I am a seven minute drive from our chapel. In Rexburg I am literally across the street from where I go to church and the Temple. Here in London I am an hour and thirty minute trek by tube, train and foot to the Catford Ward. I know that I attend church in a different stake than where the center is located but it makes me think of those people in countries where the nearest meeting house is hours away. I am so grateful for the church in my life and parents that are worthy church members.

After church we came home and started on dinner. I then took a shower and came out to a beautiful bouquet of daisies and a cookie and doughnut (I was spoiled) from my valentine, Audrey. After dinner we had a fun Valentine’s Day party planned. We played a “couples in history” game, decorated homemade delicious sugar cookies and had a little dance party upstairs. I also enjoyed opening a package from my family. Thanks for the leggings, shoes, M&M’s, the sweet note and other fun things. I love you Mom, Dad, Ab and Ky!
The Flat 4 Divas.
calvin loves kisses.

emma and i. my valentine was a sugar cookie. and it was delicious!


Kristy said...

Oh Macy, it touches my heart to hear your love of the gospel...bless your heart sweet Macy. It means so much to me to read of your love of our church. I am glad that you liked the package and glad that you had a fun filled Valentine's Day! I love you!

Kristy said...

That's my girl! Awesome update Macy. I get how you say the Church is the same but it's different. Totally get it. Love you cutie! Dad