Saturday, February 6, 2010

castles, cliffs and cathedrals.

Wednesday was a day trip with the whole group. We went to Dover Castle and Canterbury. Both places were beautiful. First was the castle. It used to be a naval base and we went through the old tunnels they used for their base in several wars. Our guide was the most memorable part of the tour. At one point we were in the section where the soldiers slept and she said, “Sometimes in the night a soldier would wake up and there would be CONDENSATION LITERALLY TRICKLING down the walls”, with the worlds in all caps very emphasized plus a thick British accent. It was hilarious! We then walked around the castle and took lots of pictures. Then we say the white cliffs of Dover (the cliffs of insanity).
Dover Castle

On the roof of the Castle.

We then drove to Canterbury! I was excited to go here because in my lit class we ready the Canterbury tales by William Chaucer and I wrote a paper on the Pardoner’s tale and his pilgrimage to Canterbury. We first went to the ruins of St. Augustine’s Cathedral; I swear this was a forty five minute photo shoot because that was all we did.

We then walked to Canterbury cathedral which was beautiful. The inside seemed not as dark as the other cathedrals we have seen. After seeing the cathedral the girls and I went into starbucks to warm up with a mouth watering hazelnut hot chocolate. If you have never tried this I highly suggest you do! Then we walked around some shops, got back on the bus and headed for home. It was a very rewarding day.

I had to snap a photo of the asians... :)

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Kristy said...

You and your Asians...sweet! It looks like you are making some lifelong friendships there in London.