Tuesday, February 23, 2010

six lonely girls.

Yesterday I decided because of my late late night I would sleep through breakfast, I woke up around eleven just in time for my Shakespeare class. After class I went and finally signed up at a close by gym, LA fitness. It is the nicest gym I have ever been too and I am very excited to get back on a cycling bike! We had tacos for dinner and I was happy because I, trying to be frugal, didn’t go to Tortilla for lunch. We went to get waffles and then see Valentine’s Day after dinner! I absolutely loved the movie; besides a little part at the end (if you’ve seen the movie you know what I’m talking about). It was nice to have a night out with the roommates! Something we realized that it is really hard to not have boys around and watching several gorgeous men on the film screen was not very good for six lonely girls.
All I need right now is a hug... and preferably from this adorable man. Demi I am envious of you! He was the most adorable thing in Valentine's Day. sorry no pictures of yours truly today.


Kristy said...

Funny post Moo! I wish that I could be there to give you a BIG HUG!!! I am sending hug thoughts your way!

Kristy said...

Way to be frugal Macy. Your Dad is proud of you!

Kristy said...

A hug from your dear old Dad wouldn't do huh. Besides that Ashton Kutcher is a punk...get it Ashton Kutcher punk as in "punked"...funny funny hardy harr. Dad

John and Jill said...

Hey Mace! I just saw that movie last night. It was pretty cute!! And I have to agree with you, Ashton stole the show!

Not to worry, you'll have your own sweet Valentine soon enough!!! And I'm sure he'll be just as dreamy! After all, you deserve the best! Enjoy yourself!

Love you. Miss you.