Wednesday, February 17, 2010

roma continued.

I have been neglecting to right because everything I start I am in my bed and somehow I always seem to doze off into a deep slumber, hence me finally writing about the rest of Rome. Friday we woke up fairly early to snow… snow in Rome.
We ate breakfast at the hotel which was quite amazing for a hotel breakfast. We had to walk up about seven flights of stairs to get to the terrace but the view was so worth it. Note: Croissants in Italy are fifty times better than in the states. We then headed off for the Vatican! Vatican City is beautiful and it holds so much history. In high school I went to Catholic camp with my friend Angie and so it was nice to have some knowledge about how the Catholic Church works. It was also cool to me because I am such an Angels and Demons fan to see where it was filmed. We first went to St. Peter’s Basilica, walked through it and admired the wonderful complex architecture and all the many things St. Peter’s holds. We then walked and waited in a, what seemed like, mile long line in the snow to get into the Musei Vaticani. While in the museum we saw many pieces of artwork and beautiful buildings but my favorite was the Sistine Chapel.
The chapel was a lot bigger than I thought it would be but it was just as beautiful as I pictured it. We spend about half an hour there waiting for Jenny and Jake to come through… somehow we missed them both and after a while we decided to go look for them. Jenny being the extremely smart girl she is looked for us at the cafĂ© where we just happened to be going down to. Jake on the other hand was never found. We looked and waited for about an hour and a half and then decided to go ahead because we would eventually find him at the hotel.
Audrey, Me and Jenny. We walked down from the Vatican a few streets and found the most amazing hole in the wall pizza place. I had a cut of margarita pizza that they fold in half to almost make a sandwich. It was easily the greatest piece of pizza I have ever had in my life.
We then walked to the Pantheon. On the way there we stopped for a few pictures at the four season’s fountain but sadly it had scaffolding all over it and was closed for maintenance. When we got to the Pantheon I was completely amazed. It is so dark and almost cold looking on the outside but bright and inviting on the inside. The Pantheon is a church dedicated to all of the gods… very sac-religious but beautiful none the less it is architecturally perfect. After we went to a small shop and all ate some gelato and then went to finally find Jakeypoo. When we met up with him at the hotel we all headed for dinner at a very Romanesque eatery called La Taverna dei Mercanti. I have really good spaghetti with homemade noodles. We again called it an early night because we were exhausted.

Saturday we checked out after breakfast at the early hour of nine in the morning and we were immediately off for our day. It was our last day in Rome and we got a lot done. The only set back was that stupid me brought a suitcase on rollers instead of the backpacks that everyone else did. This made it very hard for me to walk everywhere but I was a trooper. We named my suitcase R2D2 and he was a great companion for the day. We first went to the Colosseum and then to the Forum. They are both beautiful places and it amazes me how someone back then could build something that would last until today. After seeing both places we went back to the train station, then on a bus which lead us to the airport. A quick flight and we were finally home.
Jenny me and Emma at the Colosseum.

Audrey and I taking a seat on R2D2.

I loved Rome but nothing beats the feeling of coming home.


vocalise said...

Macy. Not that I'm such the world traveler. But, I have been to a few places. Out of all of the places I've been, if I were allowed to return to just one of them would be Italy. I WILL go back. YOU must go to Venice one day. Fun post. Look at all you are seeing and doing. Fabulous

Kristy said...

Macy, you are seeing and experiencing so many amazing things...Rome being one of them! Wow, it sounds amazing. I am so glad that you are having these experiences and enjoying every moment...even R2D2...what a trooper you are Merwin!!!