Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Finally Rexburg has upped it's status. Sammy's is quite the poppin spot to hang out while listening to great live music and eat the greatest shakes ever.
Gina, Katy and Hill all work at Sammy's so Court and I are frequent visitors.
We have become friends with the owner, Sam, who I would love to work for... we'll just have to wait and see if that ever happends.
This weekend we took the Sammy's van on a little adventure.
Miles, who works with Katy, Hill and Gina has become probably my new favorite friend. He makes me laugh so much and I am nothing less than happy when he's around.
This weekend was made eventful yet again by none other than Sammy's of Rexburg.
Thank you and goodnight. :)

creature hunting.

The creature has become quite the topic of discussion.
Almost all of my friends have seen it.
I have heard all the stories and I'll admit I believe there is some kind of "creature" that my friends claim lives on the snake river near Rexburg.
Jonny has known about it since he was in high school. I have luckily never had any experiences of my own but everyone claims it is about 4-5 feet tall, walks on two legs, has red eyes and likes to throw rocks. The closest thing to compare it to would be a chupacabra.
Last week we went creature hunting in the day light... we usually go at night.
We started at the railroad tracks where Gina had an encounter with it.
We walked along the railroad tracks and I was happy it was such a gorgeous day.
Most fun I've had all semester.
After our adventure where Gina saw it we went out by Jonny's house to walk along the river in search of anything we could find. Me, Jonny, Court, Gina, Steph, Kenny and Chris had the greatest time walking I swear over three miles down a part on the river on Jonny's family friends property. I'll admit there were a few sketchy moments where we all felt that there was something watching us but honestly who cares.
It was a perfect day.
Creepiest part was finding tracks of an "animal" no one could identify... dun dun dunnnn.
Hilarious what kinds of crazy things I end up doing here in Idaho!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The BYU[I-do] curse has hit me.
I keep feeling the the pressure to get married.
I am a junior this year and when I tell people that it is my sixth semester they look at me like I am an old lady because I swear everyone is a freshmen at my school. I am 20... 20 is in my opinion way to young to be feeling like I need to get married.
BUT I am so sick of the drama that comes with dating.
I swear I am surrounded by girls in my classes who talk non stop about their weddings and husbands. Most of the time I get annoyed but I want a wedding to talk about...

I am so excited for what I have decided to do with my future.

Making that day the greatest day of peoples lives is going to make me so happy
but right now all I can think about is my special day... ughhhh I hate being single.

before idaho freezes over.

I am privileged to be close friends with THE Abby [Cooper] Standford. She is too good to me. Two weeks ago before Idaho decided that it's temperature wasn't low enough for the fall season, Abby her hub Clark, Kelly, Steph, Austin and I [along with a few others] went boating.
Coops is one of the most amazing photographers I have seen in action. She is extremely creative and can take action shots like no other too. Check out her blog here if you dont believe me and the girl has more cameras that I have shoes... thats a lot of cameras.

We took out her brand new Holga film camera. Here's a few of her shots.
I'll admit I love to pose for my coops :)
I am quite certian that the water was a chilling 45-50 degrees and I still can not believe how I got in not once, but three different times without a wet suit.
Austin! greatest driver ever.
I love this girl.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

[fall]ing for you.

This semester has been amazing already... and it helps that I have the most amazing friends in the world. The first month of being back in Idaho has been filled with every part of this place that I love. I was extremely nervous to start back at school here sense I hadn't been back since last fall. Having mommy and papa come settle me in helped loads though. After being here just a few days I realized just how stupid it was of me to be nervous.

My weekends have been filled with bonfires, parties, movie nights and creature hunting. Weekdays consist of class, homework, gym time and playing with friends and roommates. All I can say is I love my life here in Idaho.

Kambri, Chase, Jonny, Karston and I at a bonfire. Me and the birthday girl. loveee her!
Lacey and Mckenzie are two girls that I have instantly clicked with. We are three peas in a pod and I love them both to death. Can't wait to be roommates winter 2011!Oh Kenny Ford. I met this doll through the boys and quickly fell in love. One of the funniest guys I have ever met and we have become great friends.
Fun times with these boys... to say the least :) The girls and Christian Joel aka CJ aka Seige. He is my church buddy and sits with me every Sunday to keep ourselves entertained.Finally the Quad-pod.

Court, Me, Steph and Gina.

Infamous in Rexburg to say the least. hahahahaha kidding.

Love every one of these girls.

Rexburg... It's good to be back.