Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The BYU[I-do] curse has hit me.
I keep feeling the the pressure to get married.
I am a junior this year and when I tell people that it is my sixth semester they look at me like I am an old lady because I swear everyone is a freshmen at my school. I am 20... 20 is in my opinion way to young to be feeling like I need to get married.
BUT I am so sick of the drama that comes with dating.
I swear I am surrounded by girls in my classes who talk non stop about their weddings and husbands. Most of the time I get annoyed but I want a wedding to talk about...

I am so excited for what I have decided to do with my future.

Making that day the greatest day of peoples lives is going to make me so happy
but right now all I can think about is my special day... ughhhh I hate being single.


Kristy said...

I understand your feelings honey, but remember that 20 is still so young and you need to enjoy the JOUNRNEY until that special day arrives!

Ashley said...

macy! you're hilarious! man i miss you! don't feel the pressure! trust me, i know you will get married before you are anywhere near being considered old! ps you look so good in your pictures!! i just chose to comment on this one but its for all the new ones :D

Brit. said...

love it. single is beautiful. youll have the rest of your to dedicate to someone else. be selfish and enjoy it(;

aj said...

Love being single!
Trust me.

Marriage is great & all...but single...ahhh, that's a great life, too.