Wednesday, October 13, 2010

creature hunting.

The creature has become quite the topic of discussion.
Almost all of my friends have seen it.
I have heard all the stories and I'll admit I believe there is some kind of "creature" that my friends claim lives on the snake river near Rexburg.
Jonny has known about it since he was in high school. I have luckily never had any experiences of my own but everyone claims it is about 4-5 feet tall, walks on two legs, has red eyes and likes to throw rocks. The closest thing to compare it to would be a chupacabra.
Last week we went creature hunting in the day light... we usually go at night.
We started at the railroad tracks where Gina had an encounter with it.
We walked along the railroad tracks and I was happy it was such a gorgeous day.
Most fun I've had all semester.
After our adventure where Gina saw it we went out by Jonny's house to walk along the river in search of anything we could find. Me, Jonny, Court, Gina, Steph, Kenny and Chris had the greatest time walking I swear over three miles down a part on the river on Jonny's family friends property. I'll admit there were a few sketchy moments where we all felt that there was something watching us but honestly who cares.
It was a perfect day.
Creepiest part was finding tracks of an "animal" no one could identify... dun dun dunnnn.
Hilarious what kinds of crazy things I end up doing here in Idaho!

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Kristy said...

Fun adventures in the life of Macy Moo...looks like you had fun and I have to admit...the footprint is peculiar!!! Yikes...