Tuesday, October 12, 2010

before idaho freezes over.

I am privileged to be close friends with THE Abby [Cooper] Standford. She is too good to me. Two weeks ago before Idaho decided that it's temperature wasn't low enough for the fall season, Abby her hub Clark, Kelly, Steph, Austin and I [along with a few others] went boating.
Coops is one of the most amazing photographers I have seen in action. She is extremely creative and can take action shots like no other too. Check out her blog here if you dont believe me and the girl has more cameras that I have shoes... thats a lot of cameras.

We took out her brand new Holga film camera. Here's a few of her shots.
I'll admit I love to pose for my coops :)
I am quite certian that the water was a chilling 45-50 degrees and I still can not believe how I got in not once, but three different times without a wet suit.
Austin! greatest driver ever.
I love this girl.


abbydell photography said...

Loooooooove youuuu mace!

Kristy said...

I LOVE the colorful photo of you and Abby! What can I say...you are a babe!!!!