Thursday, June 17, 2010


I am officially out of reasons to keep putting off blogging.
It has been at the top of my to do list everyday for the past three weeks. I literally have no idea what is wrong with me. Each night before I go to bed I make two lists. One list for things I need to do that day and another for things I want to do [I know very OCD but that's how I work]. I get extreme satisfaction out of crossing off something on my to do list. For some reason there have been two constant thing that have remained at the top of each list for far too long.
From my want to do list...
1. Blog [So I actually remember my most likely last full summer at home]
and from my need to do list...
1. Go to the DMV and renew my licence.
I think we all know why that one has been on there so long. In my mind the DMV is just about as close to hell as you can here on Earth, I'm not a fan.
Tonight was all set to spend my night blogging and as my last entries have been posted so late you can guess I am quite the night owl. I was all set around ten o'clock when for some reason which I was so thankful for, I WAS TIRED. My bedtime as of late has been around the hours of three and four in the morning and I considered it a blessing to be getting droopy eyed at ten! Dreams were shattered [literally] though when I was awoken about twenty minutes ago by my bladder. Why wont my body let me sleep?!
I am taking this wake up as a sign to update my life on the Internet.
Maybe crossing off one more thing today will let me drift into a sweet slumber.
I hope!
I don't want to make this post too long so I think I'll stretch the last three weeks into a few posts. On to the next one...

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Kristy said...

Too cute...I do hope that you will start getting to bed a bit wonder you have been so tired in the mornings!