Thursday, June 17, 2010

the begining of some beautiful tan lines.

I am a fan of tan lines.
Surprising coming from a girl who worked in a tanning salon, a place where tan lines don't exist, for two years isn't it? Tan lines tell a story. Sometimes tan lines say, "I am married although I am not wearing my actual ring at the moment", or "I like to wear v-neck tee shirts" and my favorite, "This part of my body hasn't seen the sun in X amount of years because I was on a mission [thank you Hailey]". This summer I am hoping my tan lines will say, "I became extremely pale in London but now I spend lots of time in a swimsuit".
Anyways May 29, 2010.
I know it's June 17th and I am just finishing May, lazy me!
The fam bam along with Camille and our two favorite Ashleys [Gleason and Falzone] paid yet another visit to the great lake of Don Pedro.
It was a blast minus my mood swings. Sorry mama and papa, having our own boat to take care of kind of stresses me [but not only me] out sometimes. Honestly though the little bits of fits are forgotten soon after and we are left with amazing and happy looking pictures :)
You will never see me anywhere but in the middle of this tube. I have lost my gusto for being whip lashed off the tube. Even my mother than is twenty something years my senior likes more excitement on the tube than I do, and I am still technically a teen [what?!].
There is never a dull moment out on the water with mama. Her laughs combined with little whooping noises are the cure to any bad mood, hilarious! For some reason Ashley and I started screaming hysterically, I guess that's just what we do. This got me out of my funk and ready for our ride and I was left with a sexy deep voice for the next few days. Need anger therapy, SCREAM at the top of your lungs for a second. It works wonders!
Mom yet again just about killed Papa, Ashley F., Ky and Camille who is somewhere on the back but they seamed to love their tube ride. Lets just say I doubt I'll be on the other side of that rope when she takes the wheel, too crazy for me.
As always, I was photographer on the Bu. So in honor of myself I snapped a few pictures... of myself.
I'm kind of in love with this photograph and the blue tinted mass of my favorite combination of elements surrounding me in it.

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Kristy said...

Macy you are such a fun blog writer...I love the tan line scenarios...funny! I'm so glad that you like being on the tube with me...I certainly do laugh a lot. Love you!