Monday, February 14, 2011


Alone once again on the big day of love... shoot me.
Looks like Daddy has Mom... and his three girls to buy chocolates for.
I am not kidding I have had seven friends in the past three weeks get engaged, seven!
If that's not pathetic then I don't know what is.
This is pretty much all I do...
me and my empty ring finger, whatever though I'm kind of a fan of being alone until that perfect person comes along to sweep me off my feet.

until then...
Dear Future Husband and Valentine,
I hope you have a wonderful day of love because I will be hating it without you. I hope the only person you kiss today is your mom and you think of me often. Because whoever you are, you are always on my mind and I am constantly striving to be better, just for you. I will wait for you as long as you need me too... but we're not getting any younger here. Hope to see you sometime in the next few Valentine's days.
Love, Your Future Wife.
Goodnight Blog.
Promise to fill you with pictures very soon.
Less than a week and I will be in Tahoe loving the snow once again. :)


aj said...

SEVEN!?! Yikes.

aj said...

Oh man. I'm so ridiculous. I've been thinking & thinking & thinking about your post (seriously. as if I don't have anything else to think about, right?) And I just want to say...don't worry. Being engaged IS NOT contagious! Phew, right? I know that's not what your thinking. But trust me. TRUST ME! Once a ring hits that finger all things change. Sure, being married is fun & amazing & every girls dream blah blah blah blah blah...but girl, you have got to live up the single life while you can!

PS. Just get back to school...cause...Turlock boys. Bleh! Bleh bleh bleh! (ha. I'm pretty likely to offend someone. Ha. Hopefully not many people other than you will be reading this..)

Kristy said...

I love AJ's thoughts and I love your letter to your future husband!

chan said...

I am super hesitant to write this cause I dont want to be seem weird/creepy but I just came across your blog as I was blog hopping on friends blogs and I loved your note to your future husband. It just caused me to reflect on my time being single. like you all my friends are engaged or married and I spend valentines day alone and I just thought your note was so sweet and kind of changed my thinking and gave me hope. So I just wanted to say thanks.