Wednesday, February 2, 2011

consequences of an afternoon nap.

I have the munches and a bad case of boredom.
I was getting extremely exhausted at work this afternoon on account that I consumed NyQuil last night and that stuff messes me up for a few days. So I came home and took a nap around 4:30. The next thing I remember is waking u around 8:30 to a text from my best friend, Erin asking me if I am alive. My naps are usually blissful, and mine today was. But I am always left, as I am now awake, bored and hungry in the late night hours. Boo.
I just ate spoon full of Nutella, two spoons of Cool Whip, a piece of beef jerky, a handful of cheesits, a root beer, a pickle and a slice of bologna. I am disgusted with myself and all i want still is spinach dip with sourdough bread. I hate late night munchies and can you say random to that list of food... ew, who am I?
Well it's February already, the second to be exact and Jonny's birthday, Happy Birthday Jonny, wish I were with you [even though you will never read this]. Anyways Monday... the 31st was my half birthday! Six months until my real birthday and then I am finally 21! No idea why I am so excited for that age as I don't drink, but I think it means that I am limitless! I can go anywhere I want to, even a bar... though there is no reason to. When someone checks my ID they can't tell me no and for some reason that makes me happy, and maybe a little pathetic...
I am very bored and a cure would be to watch Eat, Pray, Love [just ate and prayed...wheres the love?]which I have rented on iTunes. It would just keep me awake until three, but hey that still gives me six hours of sleep and I thrive on six hours of sleep. Okay that just made up my mind. So off I go to watch a movie that I, opposed to most of it's viewers, actually enjoy.
so Goodnight!
p.s. I am awaiting a lovely package from Forever21 right now and when it arrives I will have to do a picture-fashion show.
Now off to a meeting with my toothbrush so I don't smell like beef jerky in the morning :)

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Kristy said...

Such honest thoughts and writing of your late snack attack...oh Macy you are so adorable and lovely and REAL and fun! :) I love reading your blog and I apologize that I haven't been on it for a week or so...silly, silly me. I forget that unlike me, YOU are so wonderfully awesome at keeping it updated! I appreciate your honesty and the "LOVE" is hopefully being felt by you right now as you read my comment! I LOVE YOU MACY MOO!!!
PS: I love your blog music!