Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's about time.

So Merry Late (very late) Christmas. I haven't written on here in so long. Not a ton happening here, just enjoying my last few days in good ol' turlock. I go back to my life on tuesday so that will be interesting.
I spent the first week of my break with my roomate at her house in Laguna Beach and loved every second of it. We went into LA for a few days and just relaxed on the beach and had some great food.
After it was time to come back from my little get-a-way it was already christmas eve. We had our family that was in town, the Stiles and the Gauthier famlies over. It was a blast like it always is. Christmas eve holds my favorite traditions!

Those Gauthier girls are adorable!

Christmas was a memorable one. I got a new phone some uggs for those cold rexburg winters, and much more. I loved spending the morning with the fam.

But again one of my favorite parts of the break was getting to babysit addie. haha we had a little photo shoot.

Kaite you can steal this picture. : )


Sparks in the Desert said...

Fun pictures of Christmas time! I totally know all about those cold Rexburg winters...and I don't miss that part at all! Have a super New Years!!!

Kristy said... are so with it girl! I love the update on your blog and guess I had better get wit it...I still haven't even put Christmas pictures up on mine. I love you dear Macy Moo!

The Davidson's said...

hey macy! i miss ya! your pictures from christmas are super cute - wish you were still here, but happy that you're having a blast up there in the north pole!