Sunday, December 7, 2008

Time Flys when your Having Fun!

I can't believe it has been a month sence I have written a post. So I have tons of things to fill all of you in on. First off, me and ty broke up about a week after my last post. He was getting very serious and if you know me I am all about having fun... i'm not quite ready to be a wife. : ) I have also been on quite a few dates sence we ended things and could not be any happier being single.

Three weeks ago I drove up to Utah to watch Kylie in her dancesport Competition. She was stunning in her dresses and did an amazing job. I got to spend time with her and mom while we stayed with Ky's friends Karson and Betsy. They were so much fun and we loved staying at their house.

A week later I was on a plane headed home for Thanksgiving! I got to come home thursday night, a few days eariler than I was going to thanks to my wonderful daddy. I spent lots of time with friends, catching up and just hanging out. But the most fun I had was with the family. We went to movies, hung out and took a quick trip to Carmel. Ky's friend Emron came and stayed with us for thanksgiving weekend and he was tons of fun! My mom has adopted him into the family. One thing I was extremely grateful for when I was home was that Mom was able to actually talk and found a really good doctor to take care of her throat. It had been killing me to not be able to hear her voice when I have been on my own.

Carmel with the Family and Emron.
One of the highlights of my trip home was getting to babysit addie. Thank you to Dianne for giving up some grandma time and letting me watch her! She is my favorite little girl.


Kris*Mitch*Kal said...

Macy!! Cute blog!! It has been such a long time since i have seen you! I hope all is well.

aj said...

I'm on your list of blogs that you visit...& on the top, might I add (forget abc order, I know you did it on purpose)?!? I'm so lucky!
Macy, you look so good! I seriously can't get over how happy you look. I hope you are liking Rexburg (despite the cold temps & horrible wind). It's a great place to be. Plus, you get to wear cute sweaters, jackets, scarves & beanies...something I seriously miss now that I'm in So Cal.

The Mills said...

How fun you got to go home for Thanksgiving! How is school going?

belofam said...

Hey Macy!

You are so good to Addie. She loves you and can't wait for you to come back and baby sit! See you soon!

The Mills said...

Hey where at in Rexburg do you live? my really good friend just moved there :)