Sunday, March 27, 2011

tahoe and snowwww

My poor blog, I'm sure, feels neglected all of the time. Every night before I go to bed I write myself a "to do" list for the next day. More often that not I find myself repeatedly writing "remember to blog" on that list. Today I am finally going to be able to cross it off of that to do list, yeah! So onto to what I am really on here to write about... Tahoe! Isn't it a gorgeous place? This is at the base of the gondola up to Heavenly Ski Resort and yes that is my timeshare directly to the right of it... so convenient! Tahoe is my favorite annual family vacation that we take, mostly because the Gauthier's have the same week there with us and also because I love to ski!

Usually because California doesn't like to keep winter around for too long the snow is melted by min-February when we get there. Not this year! We had plenty of fresh powder which made for superb skiing!

Mom, Dad, Ab and I arrived late Saturday afternoon all geared up for an enjoyable week. Kylie flew in from Utah shortly after and the fam bam was reunited once again. Sunday we hit the slopes. One word... Pain. Dad had forgotten to pack our ski boots... seriously? How does that happen? Anyways because of his brain fart in the packing department we had to rent crap boots for Sunday skiing. Normally these boots would be fine but... I have massive calves [thanks to the genes I inherited from my mother] and unless I have on my "ooooo these feel like butter on my feet" boots, I can not bear to ski more than an hour and I went five on Sunday. Other than the pain it was a beautiful day on the slopes.

Ky Dad and I were run buddies. That is until my legs gave out and I had to retire for the day. I am so out of shape... which is a reminder to me to hit the gym before summer time!

Some of the kiddos in heaven at Heavenly. Ky and I at the top on the Nevada side at Heavenly [Lake Tahoe in the background].

Papa and I in the newly constructed lodge at Heavenly... gorgeous, but they way overpriced the food to pay for it.

Sunday night the Stiles drove up after church [with our forgotten boots, thank you!] to spend the weekend with us! We hit the slopes hard the next morning and again the snow was in prime condition for our skis, or in Jessica's case snowboard.Our one fam bam shot that everyone groaned at me for wanting to take...

Love me some Jocelyn. We skied one more time on Wednesday but were not able to on Friday because of high winds and snow fall. The rest of the week was spend ice skating, playing in the snow, sledding, hot tubing, card games, movies, and tons of eating!

Most of all I loved spending time with this little munchkin... or should I say giant haha! I am sure going to miss hanging out with her everyday when I go back to school in a few weeks. We always have so much fun together and the laughing never ceases.and this one...Mini Me! Sad to have left but happy to have the memories.

Until next year Tahoe...

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Kristy said...

Ah Macy...I am just now seeing this post and here you posted it way back in March :( sorry Moo! Anyway, I love our Tahoe trip every year and it is such a fun filled family vacation...great memories are made each year! You are so talented at blogging...I love to read your entries and see life through your are a sweetheart!