Sunday, July 25, 2010

powell. [continued...finally]

It's begun to get ridiculous how far behind I am on blogging... I have edited this post at least ten times and I am hoping I am finally going to publish it tonight while I am on a vacation that I am sure will take me another few weeks to blog about. So finally on August 6th I am finishing up with June and Lake Powell. I would put this into several posts because it was a week long of some of the most fun I have had this summer BUT I don't want to drag this out.

Lake Powell is one of the most interestingly beautiful places I have ventured to.

I loved every second of being there.
and here are loads of pictures to prove it...

Me and the sisters chillin on the Bu

New found loves, the Nash girls, Lindsey and Mandy!

First day out on the boat surfing.

Steve looking like a very dapper surfer behind us.

[Left to right]

Brady, Abby, Kylie, Mandy, Jake, Me, Matt

We hiked the cliffs of insanity in the dead heat of the day to see this beauty....

Rainbow Bridge

Throughout the week we literally did just about everything you can behind a boat. Our whole family got up on single slalom skis [which is extremely hard... let me tell you], we tubed, we wake boarded, we cloud jumped, we wake skated, we knee boarded and we surfed. I have wake boarded since I can remember but lately, not sure why, I am a chicken. So I have now taken a new liking to riding a different board.

There is nothing like surfing in the middle of this...

and it's pretty fun to help a sista out. Get it Ky Ky!
The Nashes youngest son is Pete. If he were 15 years older I would make this boy mine. I, along with my entire family fell in love with this little guy at Powell. Kidfest!
There were fourteen of us young adults including Mandy and Spencer.
Our houseboat had a lot of hormones to handle that week.
The last night on Powell we did a HUGE [picture does it no justice] bonfire. We cooked s'mores and sang songs. The Nashes were impressed with our family because we knew all of the songs they usually sing. [I guess no one else usually knows them] Thank you Falke camp outs haha! We also taught them a campfire song or two as well.
Abby and I attempted to find wood for the campfire... big FAIL.
Mama and I had fun hanging out all week!
Just a few of the lovely ladies of the houseboat.
[Left to Right]
Shauna, Lynn, Me, Mama, Lindsey
The last night was hilarious and extremely entertaining, all we needed was my camera. Ky, Abby, Brady, Lindsey and I stayed up until I'm assuming around three and took about five hundred pictures of ourselves just laying in out cushion and sleeping bag beds under the stars.
Lots of laughs attached to each photo.
The fam-bam had one heck of a long drive home, so we stopped in St. George after three hours in the car for our third helping of Cafe Rio salads and a short lived walk around the St. George temple.
It's the fourth new temple I have seen this year and I'll admit it was my favorite!
[Sorry London you're in second.]
We then sadly left the land of many Mormons,
drove six more hours,
spent a night in Vegas,
got a flat tire in Barstow the next morning,
had a two hour wait for AAA,
and after yet another six hours in the car
we pulled into the very welcoming driveway of the place we call home.
Home has the best feeling!
Lovely week that was followed up with lots of limeaway for our waterspot covered Bu.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My dear friend Rachel facebooked me the other day to order a blog update so picking up from almost a month ago...
On the 20th of June the fam and I took off for Lake Powell with the Bu trailing behind us. It was a surprisingly quick 14 hours in the car watching movie after movie but we eventually pulled into Wahweap marina around 11:00 p.m., unloaded our stuff and met all of the families staying on the houseboat with us.
We stayed on Nash’s houseboat along with their friends the Rowleys and Smiths.
LOVE them all!
After loading the houseboat with 22 people and all the stuff needed for a week in heaven, we made our beds under the stars, got a good nights rest and were ready to set off in the morning. Around 9:00 a.m. we were towed out of the marina and started our engines for Last Chance Cove later known as Twelve Moon Bay. It was a fun four hour ride there and I laid out on the deck to get some much needed sun. Once we were to our destination we tied up the houseboat and untied the boats for some wake boarding, slalom skiing,wake surfing and tubing. This continued for the next week and I will post more of our adventures later today.
I'm not going to lie... I'm a pretty good wake surfer :)