Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i sould have been born in the 30's.

This last weekend was one of the funnest I have had up here at BYU Idaho and it sure helped having an amazing roommate that loves to do random fun photoshoots. Emily woke me up around 7:00 on saturday morning... the only day I get throughout the week to sleep in as i have ward council at 8:00 every sunday morning, but who really wants to sleep in. Her first words to me were, "Today you are a pin up girl", and boy was I excited to play dress up! Rain and all is was an amazing day all topped off with SUSHI!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

livin' on hawaiian time.

I am lucky enough to have amazing parents who fly me out to Hawaii with them for a week. We arrived in Maui on Saturday May, 16th and as we always do went shopping for the week and got a little pick me up at McDonalds. Then we checked into our hotel and the fun started. Our friends the Wilsons came with us this year and we had lots of fun with them. Our week included lots of laying out, hiking, exploring, snorkeling, and just enjoying eachother!
We took catamaran over to Lanai for some amazing snorkeling.

Downtown Lahaina, enjoying the beautiful sunset!

Exploring the Island with the fam!
I am so grateful to have such great parents that love to travel :) It was definatly the best excuse to miss school that I have ever given.